Tracking Our
Global Heritage

Our Vision

We aim to advance the global conservation of marine megafauna through strategic mitigation of threats guided by an innovative global science effort involving a global network of marine movement ecologists.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to coordinate the efforts of the marine Movement Ecology community and provide innovative research for global conservation of marine megafauna based on a growing, standardised dataset of tracked movements.

The MegaMove project is generating the momentum to create a global resource that will serve the needs of the marine Movement Ecology community, bringing researchers together and unifying their voice to inform effective marine conservation.

Who Are We?

MegaMove is a highly collaborative global scientific effort involving hundreds of marine movement ecologists from around the world.

Our Team

MegaMove involves a large consortium of marine researchers globally and is guided by a group of Steering Committee members that includes world-renowned experts in the field of marine movement ecology, macroecology, big data analyses and ecological research.

Our Impact

Learn more about what the team of 'MegaMovers' is up to and the impact we are making!