MegaMove enabled through a Pew Marine Fellowship 2020

Ana Sequeira, founder and Lead Coordinator of MegaMove has secured a 2020 Pew fellowship in Marine Conservation to develop this project!

MegaMove focuses on understanding the potential impacts from existing global threats on the many charismatic and threatened species that travel the oceans. This is of particular importance in the high seas, which make up two-thirds of the global ocean, and is outside jurisdictions meaning limited protection for these species.

Key to success of MegaMove is its extensive membership and the focus on the synoptic analyses of tracking datasets with available data on global threats, such as fishing, shipping, pollution, and ocean warming. The work proposed will advance the long-term conservation of large marine animals and unify the voice of a global network of ecologists who are already contributing to research and long term monitoring of these species.

The *Pew Fellows Program in Marine Conservation* specifically focuses on assisting the creation of solutions to the world’s oceans grand-challenges. Each year only 8 researchers around the world are awarded this prestigious fellowship. Congratulations to Ana for this great achievement!